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Antenna Specifications  (File size 389 KB)

LRNI's Antennas

LRNI ELITE-SERIES Antennas accomplish single floor coverage in multi-floor facilities. LRNI antennas smooth/decrease dbi spread of received signal.

LRNI ELITE-SERIES Antennas are multi-purpose close proximity and for long range up to 1,000 feet. Specific coverage areas can be configured for indoor and out door use.

LRNI antennas offer a wide read field and high-speed RF signal conversion for optimal communication between RFID tags and RFID readers. They are ideal for high-throughput communication of RFID tags and meet standard technical requirements for most RFID implementation. Elite Series Antennas operate in the 303 MHz to 450 MHz frequencies. All antennas are available with SMA male or female connectors and are deployment-ready with RFID readers.

Contained in NEMA enclosures, LRNI ELITE SERIES antennas are able to withstand extreme heat and cold, as well as moisture and vibration. These antennas are ideal for nearly any application, including retail, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, healthcare, government and more. Multiple connector options ensure that we can build an antenna to suit your application.

Easy to install, the antenna can be mounted above or below ceilings or wall-mounted. Enclosures can also be wood finished to match decor. Our antennas can be custom mounted anywhere assets are located in a facility.

LRNI Directional Antennas complement our Monarch Software Solutions Suite that enables facilities to capture, move and manage critical date and information to and from every point of business activity.

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Tag Specifications  (File size 151 KB)

LRNI Tag Enclosures

In the world of RFID there are many applications that involve tracking assets in harsh environments. Whether outdoors exposed to the elements, in high-heat manufacturing processes, or being jostled around on shipping containers or equipment, RFID tags must be able to withstand unforgiving conditions. To help you maintain your active RFID network, LRNI offers two basic RFID tag configurations, Flat and Cube, and many tag enclosure options. Our exclusive enclosures shield the sensitive electronics inside our Active RFID tags from even the most adverse environmental conditions. With the proper protective covering, RFID tags can endure extreme heat and cold, dust, moisture and submersion, shock from falls, etc. Three of the most popular tag enclosures are:

General Purpose Weatherproof Enclosure LRNI's General Purpose Weatherproof Tag Enclosures feature a lightweight design for indoor and outdoor environments where water protection is needed.

Durable Enclosure LRNI's Durable Tag Enclosures are for use in environments that require added impact and shock protection as well as weatherproofing. One feature that sets this tag apart is that its' internal compartment is accessible which makes battery replacement possible.

Enhanced Durability Enclosure LRNI's Enhanced Durability Tag Enclosures were designed for use in industrial environments, have undergone MEOST (Mutiple Environmental Overstress Testing), and are made from heat and shock resistant material that will not impede RF signals. This is the most durable enclosure LRNI offers for extreme environments.

All tags are available in a number of mounting configurations. Magnetic bases, double-sided adhesive and permanent mounting brackets are all used currently. Let us know what your application is and we can develop a mounting solution to meet your needs.

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LRNI Wristband

Wristband Specifications  (File size 133 KB)

LRNI has perfected a “soft”, lightweight RFID Wristband for tracking patients. The soft tag pouch can be removed from the bracelet, cleaned and re-used.

The Active RFID tag provides wireless communication for safe and accurate tracking, identification of patients and processes. This wristband insures the integrity of information between user, host device, and/or Information System because of the individual ID of each tag. Security is not an issue because patient’s medical information resides in the client’s database.

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Badge Specifications  (File size 123 KB)

LRNI Badge

LRNI offers a hard plastic RFID Badge in standard size in both vertical and horizontal orientations with slot hole for attachment.

LRNI’s RFID Identification Badge can be used for any application that an ID Badge is required. This small, thin standard size badge can be worn by hospital staff, group conventions, entertainment and public events, security, museums, and more.

LRNI Badge

The Active RFID Identification Badge, provides wireless communication for safe and accurate identification of users and processes. This RFID Badge insures the integrity of information between user, host device, and/or Information System because of the individual ID of each tag. Security is not an issue because user’s information resides in the database not on the tag.

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RFID-Proof Storage Unit

LRNI has invented the best method of onsite storage or transport of RFID active tags.  Our unique RFID-Proof enclosure completely isolates the tags inside from the Readers.  This allows storage or transport of the tags in or through an RFID network without the problems caused by "tag bleed".

Here is a photo of our RFID-Proof enclosure in use on a manufacturing assembly line for tag storage.  A Reader antenna is located less than 4" from the top of the RFID-Proof enclosure and yet it still does not sense the active tags stored within.  Only tags currently in use on the assembly line are sensed by the Reader.

RFID-Proof Enclosure

LRNi Gen2 Testing Data

LRNi Testing Data

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